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Fashionable & Affordable weighted blankets

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Over 60 five star reviews and winner of Amazons Choice Badge for children's weighted blankets.

Made in the USA

hand made with materials sourced from US companies. 

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hours of sleep recovered in 2018


I bought this for my son who has had trouble sleeping. He moved a lot in his sleep. After getting the blanket, it has helped [him] sleep more peacefully. My son is 7 years old, and the blanket is about 5 to 6 lbs, perfect weight for him. Before bed he is always making sure to grab his blanket. I want one for myself now as it felt so comfortable to just put over me, I can only imagine when I get one my size.

David Sosa

My granddaughter has autism and these are a godsend! She calms very quickly and sleeps a lot better when she is using these. She adores the designs (we got one galaxy patterned blanket and one emoji patterned blanket) she likes the galaxy one the best because it has a soft side which she rubs against her cheek when she's going to sleep

Arianna Hinchey

Love this blanket! I'm a very restless sleeper...tossing and turning for hours each night. Even the nights that I do sleep I'm up every few hours. I'd heard weighted blankets help with insomnia and decided to give it a try. The weight of this blanket is very soothing and calming. Not only am I falling asleep faster now, but I'm also sleeping through the night and waking in the morning feeling rested. Highly recommend!

Judy Black


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